Friday, March 21, 2008

Alumni Tournament

This is Merridy Hoover with me at the Alumni Tourny last night. Our sons David and Wes were in the same class at Licking Valley and we watched them and some others from '87 beat a mix of the class of '75 and down. I will have to say that the other team gave them a run for their money. She and I agree that the class of '87 was special. It was made up of high achievers who thrived on competition. They were a lot of fun too.
Merridy and I go a long way back. Both of our husbands were principals and we attended functions at the same time. When she took over the reins of Birhtright (now Heartbeats) she called me to see if I wanted to volunteer at the crisis pregnancy center. By that time all of our kids were well into school and I had some free time so I said yes. It was a fantastic experience and very rewarding as is anything done for the Lord. We saw many miracles happen as we stepped out on faith ( it couldn't have been money because we didn't have much) and made move after move to better the center. It was like the priests carrying the Ark of the Lord. They didn't wait on the bank of the river for the water to part so they could cross on dry ground, they put their feet into the water and the instant they did, the water parted. We just launched out on faith!! God rewarded us and our clients over the years.

At the end of the game we went over to congratulate the guys and Bill took some pics of them. Addy's Dad is Wes and she and her mom Cheryl were there too. Here I was giving her a big hug and telling her to have a good time going to see her big sister Chelsey and her husband Nate who live in California at the Marine base in Twentynine Palms. Zoe was at a birhtday party and couldn't be at the game. Have fun kids!!

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I wanted to have a BLOG of my own and I think after 63 years on this planet I have learned a few things and I have opinions of my own. I'll be sharing these things with anyone who cares to read them. By virtue of birth and personality, I am a caring and compassionate person which has backfired several times but usually works out. By virtue of the family I was reared in, I am accomplished in sewing( our Mom taught us before we even took Home Ec. in school ), cooking ( I am world famous :) for my cho. chip cookies ),decorating ( my Mom was artsy craftsy ) and am a very good driver and can read maps ( thank you, thank you Dad ). I am also a Christian and have my parents and grandparents to thank for starting me in that direction. And last, but NOT least, by virtue of who I married ( Bill Weaver ) I have had so many life experiences, becasuse of our involvement in others lives, that I feel I have had a very full and adventurous life and am fullfiling my God reason for being here. I'm anxious to get started!